Pregnancy and birth take a distinct strength.  Whether you have a medicated, non-medicated, or caesarean birth, the journey you encounter will be one of the most demanding you ever accomplish.

It will also be a breathtaking experience you will never forget. 

I value family and believe in a culture of care and support. I invite you to view my packages to see how I can best serve you.


I felt supported and cared for...and the massage during contractions was incredible. Iā€™d hire you again!
— J.
We wanted the best experience possible. We are beyond happy that we had you by our side for this experience. I truly believe you were the key to making if fun, relaxed and special for us. Thank you so much!!
— Kim H.
Our expectations were met beyond words. When my Dr told me I was 4cm dilated, she never left my side because my partner was busy working.
— Sheely