Services & Packages

1. The Essential birth doula package accommodates both local and out-of-town births (ie. Edmonton/St. Albert) at a cost of $750* for a local birth or 1250* for other regional birth locations. Each basic package includes:

  • One free consultation

  • Two prenatal visits, ideally in the comfort of your own home

  • Continuous support through labour and birth

  • Three hours, give or take, after the birth

  • At least one post-natal visit in your home

Due to the unknown timing of labour and delivery, bookings for birth contracts are limited per month. A deposit is required to hold your booking, because at your 38th week (or earlier for medical reasons) I am on call 24-7 until your beautiful baby arrives. 


2. For those who want an educational component and extra support, I offer two Premium Combo packages. Choose either package for $875* local or $1350* regional birth location. 

* Birth doula package + private Childbirth Education class for mom plus one: partner, parent or other non-expectant support person. This includes a private prenatal childbirth education class, in the comfort of your home and at the convenience of you and your chosen class partner. 

* Birth doula package + private Breastfeeding Education class for mom plus one: partner, parent or other non-expectant support person. This includes a 1.5 hour prenatal breastfeeding education in the comfort of your home and up to three additional 1 hour postnatal lactation support visits.


3. If you are having trouble deciding which combo pack would suit you best, you might consider the Complete Confidence package. This package is priced at $1000* local or $1500* regional birth location. The luxury package includes birth doula services, both the private childbirth and breastfeeding classes, as well as up to three additional postnatal lactation visits. Again, private classes are for mom plus one, in the comfort of your home, and at your convenience. 


Private Childbirth Education Class

This stand alone course gives mom plus one support person six hours of private instruction for only $140*. Thorough curriculum is based on the evidence based Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices. These classes will help you feel confident to make informed decisions, be prepared for your labour experience with specific ideas for comfort measures, communicate well with medical staff, know what to expect when baby comes home and much more.



* A 1.5 hour private prenatal class will give you a head start with the best information to support your choice to breastfeed. Learn the importance of a good start for long term success, how to identify a good latch, understand possible challenges you or baby may experience learning to breastfeed together, and how dad fits into this important relationship. $45* for mom plus one.

* Private breastfeeding support/counsel is available at a rate of $30 per hour to help you with positioning, latch, expression, engorgement, milk supply, and other challenges in the first days and weeks with baby. If you are struggling, don’t wait to get help! Breastfeeding takes between 4 and 6 weeks to be well established for mom and baby.


* An additional fee may apply to clients who reside outside of Slave Lake. I reserve the right to refuse to sign local birth packages based on current local medical staffing. Please call or message Pam for details. 

*New fees effective January 1, 2019